Rental/Buy to Let

We do a large amount of painting/decoration on rental and buy to let properties both for agents, business and private landlords

From a quick emulsion on the walls to properties that are being completely refurbished with new kitchens/bathrooms etc

We encourage landlords to keep a note of the paint used so if a tenant moves out after 12 months a quick single coat of the same colour can often freshen up a property. So if you use magnolia make sure you know which brand it is Albany/Dulux/Johnstone’s etc

We also encourage landlords unless they are very sure of a long term let, not to allow tenants to paint rooms in strong colours as this can lead to additional work and cost in getting the room back to a more acceptable natural colour scheme

Below we have listed a few of the properties we have done recently:-

2 Bedroom House in Nunney

This is a 2 Bedroomed buy to let property in Nunney, fortunately for the landlord the tenant had been a long term resident, as he had used very dark colours in most of the rooms, the landlord wanted the rooms returned to white. We redecorated the entire house including painting walls in a conservatory, we worked with and around other trades who replaced both the kitchen and bathroom

Bedroom before we started, a very dark grey
Bedroom during painting with some minor filling to walls
Bedroom finished after 4 coats of Albany white vinyl matt on the walls and two coats of Johnstone’s white oil based eggshell on the woodwork
Kitchen before being refitted and painted
Kitchen not finished, but you can see the huge difference already

1 Bedroom Flat in Frome

This is a single bedroomed buy-to-let flat in Frome, the tenant had been in there for about 4 years, not really clear from our pictures the walls and carpets were filthy, Unusually for a one bedroomed flat it had a stairwell

The entire flat was decorated with Albany magnolia vinyl matt walls and Albany white vinyl matt ceilings, the doors and woodwork were repainted in Johnstones quick drying white eggshell. The entire flat was recarpeted after we had finished. This work was carried out through the agent who the landlord phoned after completion to thank us for our work

Lounge before painting and the tenant moving out
Lounge after painting ready for new carpet to be laid
Hallway before painting, not obvious from this picture the woodwork was very yellow
Hallway repainted, ready for new carpet
Kitchen repainted, ready for new flooring
Stairwell prior to painting
Stairwell repainted ready for new underlay and carpet

Outside of a 2 Bedroom house in Rode

This was a buy-to-let property in Rode, about 14 years old we believe.

The customer wanted the outside painting as it hadn’t been done for many years. They asked for the house to be painted in a similar colour to next door and left the actual choice to us. The customer had also tried to repair the shed roof the previous year but the felt had only lasted 6 months so we were asked to do this at the same time

Not really clear from the picture but the paint was badly faded and actually back to bare wood in places
Picture of rear of property during preparation for painting
Finished after having had two coats of Farrow & Ball French Grey exterior eggshell as chosen by us
Shed during refelting, we glued the cheap felt fitted by the customer back down, and then glued and nailed 15 year life expectance premium felt over the top
Shed finished with new felt roof, new facia boards and restained in Mid Oak wood stain

3 Bedroom house near Westwood

This is a 3 bedroom semi detached rental cottage in a stunning location near Westwood in Wiltshire, in-between tenants the customer wanted the property freshened up with a single coat of emulsion to the walls and a single coat of white eggshell to the woodwork. The customer didn’t want the ceilings repainted

Just a quick freshen up with a single coat of Brewers magnolia in matt and white eggshell to the woodwork, the walls aren’t perfect this is a 140 year old cottage and part of its charm
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