We get asked to paint all kinds of things, from garden fences and walls to furniture. We are always happy to discuss your potential project and to work on a fixed price or day rate, below are a few recent examples of some of the things we have been asked to paint.

Double Garage Doors

This is a double garage in Heddington, the customer wanted the doors repainted both sides in a slightly lighter blue than previous, we rubbed down the woodwork, applied spot primer to any bare wood and then two coats of Albany Marine oil based gloss, we then repainted the hinges in Dulux high gloss black

Doors before painting, some paint peeling off although difficult to tell from the picture
Doors after painting with two coats of Albany Marine blue in oil based gloss


Below are a couple of examples of gates we painted in 2020, the first one is a pair of wooden gates we stained using the Sikkens system and the other example a pair of metal ones which were painted using Hammerite

A pair of wooden gates, we sanded these back to solid wood and applied a coat of Sikkens Cetol HLS light oak base coat, followed by two coats of Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 top coat

A pair of metal gates, we sanded these, and applied two coats of Hammerite direct to rust gloss black

Garden Wall

Below is an example of a garden wall we recently painted, we pressure washed the wall initially to get the worst of the grime off, then filled the worst cracks using mortar, before giving it a fungicidal wash and two coats of Dulux Weathershield Steely Thunder in smooth finish.

Wall Before Painting
In this picture the wall doesn’t look too bad but it actually had a lot of black staining running down it
Wall before painting but after some filling as seen by the grey marks, we did’t fill every mark on this wall just the larger holes and cracks
Wall after painting
Finishing touches to a garden wall

Garden Furniture

We have painted and wood stained a number of sets of garden furniture, below is a recent example of a metal set during preparation.

This was a customer who had had this furniture for many years consisting of six chairs, two tables and a bench and was good quality heavy metal furniture.

We pressure washed it all, before rubbing down the complete set using a mixture of hand sanding, a power grinder and power orbital sander, removing the legs from the chairs and table tops to get as thorough a finish as possible.

We then applied two coats of Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Dark Green Smooth Paint.

Garden Furniture Before Painting
It doesn’t look too bad in this picture but a lot of the paint was either loose or lifting and was very dull having spent over 20 years in the sun
Garden Furniture during preparation process

Garden Ornaments

Below is a small decorative wheel barrow, we carefully rubbed this down and applied several coats of garden furniture paint supplied by the owner.

Decorative Wheel Barrow before painting
Decorative wheel barrow after painting


These particular railings below are from a school in Warminster, which had developed rust in places, we carried out a combination of removing rust with T-Cut and filling and repainting parts as required.

Railings before repainting
The top railing was repainted after removing the rust marks, the lower rail is actually the original paint just cleaned, pretty good colour match considering the customer didn’t know what the colour was
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